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Using Your Voice More Effectively in Bed For Increasing the Sexual Fantasy

Most guys spend a lot of energy thinking about what to do with their bodies during sex. While it is great if you can use your tongue, fingers and penis to give her orgasm after orgasm, it is also worth being aware that just being able to use your body effectively isn’t all there is to being good at sexx. The words you use and the way you present yourself during sex can make her more excited or completely kill the mood. Using Your Voice More Effectively in Bed A lot of guys make mistakes in this department without even thinking. In arguments it is easy to say things that come back to haunt you later. Nowhere is this more true than when talking about sex. Whenever you argue, it is easy to make mistakes that insult her sexuality. Whenever you do this, you are creating the image in her mind that you don`t approve of her sexual side and that it is something that secretly you resent. No prizes for guessing what happens the next time you suggest anything other than missionary sex with her: she refuses as in her mind you’ve made your feelings on female sexuality abundantly clear! On the other hand if you constantly reward her for being sexual and sharing her feminine, sensual side with you (Even if it just something as simply as sending her a text to say how sexxy she is) then don`t be surprised if she suddenly starts to suggest sexual fantasies that you never dreamed she would be into. A few guys will likely be complaining now, thinking of a time that their partner enjoyed hearing expletives used in the bedroom. Plenty of women love the feeling of escapism and abandonment that this gives and that is perfectly fine as long as it is just part of a sexual fantasy to make the sex better for her. Where guys confuse women is that they introduce really dirty talking during otherwise soft and gentle sexx. This will confuse her as much as if you stopped some crazed, passionate sexx to tell her how beautiful her eyes are and how much you like the moonlight! Of course there are no certain rules to sex and you can make things exciting by leading her the wrong way on purpose to give her an emotional spike (Women love these sudden bursts of emotion) that next time you are going to do something really exciting with her in the middle of the restaurant right before you make slow, sensuous love to her (And vice versa)! Generally speaking however it is best not to confuse her too much and use soft and gentle words during slow, passionate love-making and save the dirtier words for when you both feel like really letting go. Using Your Words Better Your words can be one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs or one of the biggest mood killers. Therefore make sure that you let her know exactly how she makes you feel when she